Arthur Yoria picked as one of "The Next Big Names in Texas Music" by the Dallas Morning News

The next big names in Texas music POP MUSIC: Our critics tell you which Texas acts deserve success in 2008 06:05 PM CST on Sunday, January 6, 2008 This time of year, plenty of music publications like to tell readers which up-and-coming acts will become big in the coming months. Is that interesting? Sure, if you like to dive headfirst into the murky pools of hype that still churn outside many recording labels' headquarters. Instead, music critics Thor Christensen, Mike Daniel and Mario Tarradell would like to inform you about some Texas music acts that actually deserve success. "The big time" isn't necessarily inevitable for these nine notable artists. But in our judgment, it should be. Arthur Yoria Beyoncé, Blue October and chopped-and-screwed rap aside, Houston has the weakest music scene of any of Texas' major cities. But Mr. Yoria's astute and reverential songwriting makes him the city's current indie-pop king. His most recent release, Handshake Smiles, nearly swept Houston critics' 2007 best-of lists not just because his imaginative and reassuring songcraft is of major-league quality, but he's become unabashed about weaving Southwestern sounds (pedal steel and Tejano accordion on "Should Be," swamp-blues guitar on "Clean For Free," harmonica and spaghetti-echoed honky-tonk licks on the title song) into his oeuvre. Also known for recording in Spanish, the Chicago-born Colombian-American could easily catch a ride on the burgeoning wave of multiracial, multilingual pop stars. M.D.

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